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Floaty Pen, is the most common term for genuine Eskesen Float Action Pens.
Other familiar names are Float Pens, Floater Pens, Tilt Pens, Motion Pens, Photoramic Pens, and the recent development of Digital Pens.

Floaty Pens are pens that contain an image on floating film inside an oil filled translucent tube. (Often against a detailed miniature scene) The mineral oil liquid inside the capsule produces a slow smooth motion of the floating object.

These unique souvenirs have been highly sought after by pen collectors around the world since the 1940's. (Hence the Floating Around The World name)


The pens are refillable, however, Eskesen has recently decided they will no longer supply refills.
Sadly, this means the pen's ink may be dry and no longer write.

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Some tidbits of interest...

Eskesen of Denmark: For years, inventors struggled to find an effective method to contain the mineral oil without any leakage. In 1946, a Danish baker named Peder Eskesen achieved success in sealing his oil filled pen capsules. Eskesen's successful sealing process quickly propelled him into the leadership of floating action pen technology.

The Eskesen company's first commercial order was for ESSO (now EXXON), featuring a bobbing oil drum. Currently, over 90% of these collectible souvenir floating pens are made by the Eskesen Company in Denmark.

The production factory, nestled in a small medieval village of 1200 residents, grew to having approximately 120 in house employees and included 12 full time artists who design their own individual art specialties. Selling over a half billion pens since 1946, Eskesen was producing an average of over 50 new designs per week.

In recent years as the world's economy began to crumble, Eskesen sadly experienced the hard times too, as many businesses around the world succumbed. Two young businessmen purchased Eskesen with determination for it to succeed. Now, with 20 employees, Eskesen is thriving and continuing it's growth to supply the world with these treasured Floating Action pens and related products.

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